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   Sons of the American Legion

Veterans Freedom Program

Providing Powered Wheel Chairs and

Scooters to needy Veterans

Our program, sponsored by the Sons of the American Legion Detachment of California provides motorized wheel chairs and scooters to needy Veterans to help them regain freedoms that they are lacking.

We also have manual wheelchairs, as available.

The program is without cost to the Veteran and the only request is that the items provided be returned to the program for recycling to other Veterans when no longer needed or used.

Please contact Robert ‘Smokey’ Stover,

SAL Detachment Judge Advocate and Central Valley program rep

At 559-589-1011 or the Hanford Post 3

American Legion office at 559-583-1169

Items are provided on an as available basis.

In most cases we can refurbish an item for about $200.00 and provide it to a needy Veteran. If you or your organization know of a Veteran in need or know about someone who may have an item or cash support donation to assist the program please contact us. We will do all we can to provide the necessary item or to pickup the donation as soon as possible

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